Kibernetika.AI Cloud is the fastest way to build, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models.

You focus on the data science and application development, we will take care of the infrastructure, model and
data version control, frameworks, and libraries, model serving, and application deployment.

Kibernetika Cloud

Kibernetika.AI Cloud leverages the truly serverless way of data science and data engineering, with on demand managed resources.

Kibernetika.AI Cloud can be integrated on leading cloud provider platforms.

Use templates and wizards to create custom tailored development environments in seconds.
Train on a single server, clusters of servers, GPU clusters, or on edge hardware. Experiment, collaborate, and deploy with ease on Kibernetika.AI AutoML engine.
Go from model to fully-scalable deployment with automatically generated model API's. Deploy models in the cloud as a microservice and connect to client
applications running in the same cloud. Optimize and deploy models for iOS, Android, or edge devices.