Hello, World! Kibernetika.AI, Machine Teaching, and Continuous Production

The art and science of software development has come a long way since the program, “Hello, World!”, became the darling of coders around the globe way back in the ‘70s. Since then, we’ve seen countless shifts in language preferences, processes, workflows, testing procedures, bug tracking, and every other aspect of coding. However, nothing compares to the current massive leap forward that data science is allowing the world to achieve today.

And from such chaos, a star is born – Kibernetika.AI

This being our first blog post, an introduction is in order. Kibernetika was started by a group of data scientists and software developers with the goal of developing a solution that bridges the gap between traditional enterprise IT and the not-always-so-process-oriented academic data science shop.

While there has been much progress made in the research and development of machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL) models, there remain many obstacles with actually taking these models into production. And with AI/ML becoming an essential part of most applications, services, and devices in the modern enterprise ecosystem, the time for such a solution is upon us.

No longer is software just written, deployed, and then maybe updated with a patch ever so often. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, models and data are dynamic and drift continuously over time. For underlying applications to continue to function, new data becomes new training data sets, which will retrain new models, until the next data shift when the whole process will need to be repeated again.

We call this Continuous Production.

With this in mind, our team has set out to create a platform to accelerate data science projects and address the process requirements of enterprise IT. A solution that provides version control, data management, security, and shared knowledge. Simple enough for an entry-level engineer to use, yet robust enough for the most demanding Ph.D.’s.

All of this combined to form the complete data science collaboration solution for the enterprise, the

Machine Teaching Platform.

We hope you will follow along with us on this journey and encourage you to begin by signing up for the free cloud-based version HERE

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